How Much Does Owning A Dog Actually Cost?

Before you make a decision about buying a canine companion, it is important to be aware of the total cost during its lifetime. According to a research which was conducted by the PSDA (people’s dispensary for sick animals), 98% of the pet owners under-estimate the life time cost of the pet. In fact, 20.6 million( 12%) of dog owners usually approximate its cost to be 500 Euros while its actual cost is between 21,000 to 33,000 Euros depending on its breed and size. In fact, the dogs who are living at the age of 10 to 13 years will add up to 2,000 Euros or even more!

Dog Cost

When it comes to the upfront cost of owning a dog, just know that it depends on both the breed and the place where you get from. Whereas the price of a little puppy could be 50 Euros, the price of the rare breeds is greater than 1,000 Euros. However, the mixed breeds are cheaper than its pedigrees unless you choose new breeds such as Cockapoo and Labradoodle.

When you want to buy a puppy, you need to look for a breeder who is a member of the kennel’s club, an assured affiliate of the breeder’s scheme. If you buy from a puppy farm, just know that you are storing trouble for the future.

The puppies require vaccination against diseases which comprises of leptospirosis, parvovirus, hepatitis and canine distemper. Even though the cost varies, it is expected that it could be anywhere in the region of between 30 to 60 Euros for initial injections and a maximum of 40 Euros for annual boosters.

By getting a dog from the rehoming or rescue centre, you can be assured that the initial cost will be dramatically reduced. At the dog trust, a dog can be adopted for 120 Euros which includes it being microchipped, vaccinated, and insured for four weeks if it is old enough. Since it is a legal requirement to have a dog microchipped, you will definitely risk a fine of 500 Euros if it is not done.

In addition to the requirements mentioned, there are various items such as feeding bowls, toys and beddings which you need to buy. An indoor cage is also suitable for puppies. It will also cost you some money for feeding and keeping your pet to be flea and worm free. This will charge you about 19 Euros in a month.