Making your home ideal for a dog

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, so creating the right living environment for them in your home is essential. There are a number of things that you need to consider when making your home dog friendly and below we cover some of them.

Preparing your home for dogs

Access to water and food

Some things may seem obvious to you but it is crucial that you get them right. For example, you need to have a designated area for water in your home where your dog can always depend on access to fresh and clean water. This area needs to be easily accessible as well as out of the way of people who can easily trip over a dog’s water bowl…trust me, I’ve done it! You should also try and designate an area in your home where you feed your dog and stick purely to this area, this avoids your pet from begging or hassling visitors for food if they know that they only get fed in a certain area of your home. A good example of this could be a kitchen, Kitchen Fitters Norwich, can help you design the best kitchen for your dogs needs.

Control the environment of your home

You need to consider that there will be times when no one is at home except your dog. Most people opt to lock their dog securely in a particular room of their house but this presents a number of issues that you need to consider.

You need to think about the temperature of the room that you leave your dog alone in. If the room experiences direct sunlight and little ventilation, this can be a bad environment for a dog. Some people get around issues like this with home automation for example in using devices like electric thermostats and curtains. Electric curtain tracks can be useful to shade your dog from direct sunlight and can be set to operate automatically even when you aren’t at home.

Considerations for young dogs

Young dogs in particular can present problems to owners. People need to consider that a dog in its first stages may chew things like electrical cables, remote controls or clothing. You should always try and break these habits and discipline your dog of course but these issues should be expected. For this reason is is advisable that you never leave unnecessary electrical wired plugged in or powered up, especially if you’re leaving your dog alone in a room.

Young dogs are also prone to making a mess in every sense of the word. To prepare for this be sure to equip your home with disinfectants, cleaning products and gloves so that you’re ready for any eventuality.